It’s Easy to Tour these 4 Homes by Video Right Now: October 2022

On, we make your home search convenient by providing you with extensive community information, expanded property features, and a market research center—all without ever leaving the listing page. Another feature designed to help you search online for homes that meet your every criteria is our video tour. These tours serve as digital substitutes for […]

Trendlines over Headlines: The Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks Q3 2022 Market Report

The splendor of autumn reminds us of why we call Western North Carolina home. It makes sense that, historically speaking, fall is one of the most active seasons in our market. And, true to form, the pace of real estate sales is in good health, even amidst a season of change. For a closer look […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: Youth Villages in Waynesville, NC

At Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks, we believe that every person in our community should have the opportunity to Live Abundantly in WNC. For youth with serious emotional or behavioral problems, that means being able to stay at home with family in a comfortable setting throughout any health or reform therapies. Waynesville’s Youth Villages aims to do just […]

Under Pressure: NAI Beverly-Hanks Q3 2022 Commercial Market Report

Commercial Real Estate Forecast Inflation continues to put pressure on the commercial real estate sector and the marketplace is evolving in response. After a thriving 2021, there has been a definite softening in commercial real estate growth in 2022, but not across the board. Sectors such as retail and office struggled somewhat, while multi-family continued […]

4 Yancey County Museums and Sites You Need to Visit to Truly Understand the Area

Can you name five famous residents of Yancey County? How about the site of Native American petroglyphs that date back nearly to the construction of the Egyptian pyramids? Do you know why there’s a monument to lost submarines at the top of a mountain? Or the original name of Mount Mitchell? You already live like […]

Have You Seen These WNC Homes for Sale with Mountain Views?

There are many reasons why people choose to live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Our active communities, world-class amenities, and unique cultural traditions allow people of all ages and interests to Live Abundantly in WNC. But of all the reasons to live here, one literally towers above the rest: the beautiful mountains […]

48 Hours in Flat Rock: Everything You Need for a Perfect Weekend

Of the five incorporated towns in Henderson County, we daresay the Village of Flat Rock may be the most charming. Home to around 3,300 residents, this historic community is rich with forested landscapes and scenic vistas. Many people come to enjoy Flat Rock’s history, tradition, and beauty—and many choose to stay! Whether you’re vacationing or […]

Growing a Community: Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

For more than a decade, the bridge that once connected the main highway through Lake Lure has remained dormant from vehicles of longtime residents and passerby visitors. But, in its place now resides a space of connectivity, cultivation, and community. “The bridge has become an attraction that our community is proud of,” said Debbie Clark. […]

10 Asheville Haunted Tours that will Scare Your Socks off

It’s scary out there! Did you know that Western North Carolina is a hub of paranormal activity? Asheville has a great history of ghosts and goblins, spooks and specters. And it’s not alone. Locals throughout WNC aren’t shy about sharing our spooky stories with all those brave enough to hear them. There are quite a […]

4 Important Things Every New Homeowner Should Know about Plumbing

Is your toilet running? Quick, hurry up and catch it! Bad dad jokes aside, a running toilet or a drippy faucet can be more than groan inducing. Even minor plumbing issues can inflate your water bill and potentially damage your cabinetry and belongings.  Whether you bought a fixer-upper or a shiny new-construction home, eventually, you’ll […]