Real Estate Info. Now Available On Your Cell Phone!

Beverly-Hanks & Associates is a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldImagine this: you’re driving around and see a for-sale sign. Pulling over to the curb, you open your cell phone. Seconds later, all of the information about that property and several others is right at your fingertips.
With BHINFO, you can search real estate listings in a flash, right from your cell phone. Find information and photos on every property listed in the North Carolina Mountains MLS from any cell phone or mobile device capable of sending a text message.

“It’s the next step in the evolution of the real estate industry – first the internet changed the information access landscape and now, with this mobile technology, obtaining information is even easier,” says Neal Hanks, president of Beverly-Hanks & Associates. “It’s something new that has proven beneficial to consumers in larger markets across the country, and we wanted to make this unique service available here in our own community.”home finder photo shoot

How does it work?

It’s easy – just text BHINFO to 59559. A return message will promptly appear, asking you to text back the address of interest (or if you have GPS, to click on a link) and in seconds, you’ll receive a message with information about the home or property. For phones with GPS, the system will send the listings closest to your physical location, five at a time, and you can click on each one for information and photos.

Hanks compares the user-friendly BHINFO service to retail shopping “when you’re just looking but not ready to engage a salesperson.

“Until now, the first step for prospective buyers was to call a real estate company for information,” Hanks says. “Now, the information-gathering process is as easy as dialing your cell phone – you can discover the price and details about a property in seconds, no matter where you are.”

Property information when you want it

homefinder-photo-shoot_1With the steadily increasing growth in mobile internet use, it’s a technology whose time has come. The BHINFO system allows consumers to gather detailed property information quickly from wherever they are without needing to download specialized applications, log onto a website or call different real estate firms, says Steve Barnes, Broker-Associate.

“It’s amazing that this information is available just by pushing a few buttons and we’re excited that Beverly-Hanks can provide it to our community,” says Barnes. “Studies show that over 90% of consumers want immediate access to information on their own terms and with this useful tool, we can empower them like never before.”

Increased marketing exposure for real estate sellers

The BHINFO service benefits both buyers and sellers by making it easier for prospective buyers to find information about properties for sale. From BHINFO records, a Beverly-Hanks agent can also provide reports showing how many prospects have inquired about a particular home as well as other homes in the surrounding area. This follow-up ability gives sellers and agents valuable information to assist in marketing efforts, says Barnes.

“It enhances the whole buying and selling experience, allowing buyers to more easily obtain information when curiosity is at its peak and gives sellers additional marketing exposure,” says Hanks. “With BHINFO, anyone with a cell phone can find out about properties and discover other listings instantly.”

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