Two Fantastic Courses Make Rumbling Bald a Golf Destination

Two Fantastic Courses Make Rumbling Bald a Golf Destination

It’s about the best of both worlds.

“I get to enjoy the company and get to know our members who live and play here, as well as the new people each week visiting here at the resort—it’s such a wonderful place for so many to call home,” said Adam Bowles.

A PGA professional, Bowles is the Head of Golf Operations at Rumbling Bald, a Lake Lure resort tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina just south of Asheville. The resort is home to two 18-hole courses: Apple Valley and Bald Mountain. Each offers a view as captivating as it is challenging and enjoyable, with design aspects to attract the novice golfer and veteran player.

“The fact that we offer two fantastic courses that are so different for our members and

guests to play really makes us a golf destination,” Bowles said. “Our moderate temperature is a plus, as well. Our temperatures are very much in line with Charlotte and the Piedmont area, so we get a mild winter.”


“I’ve learned that it will not always go my way out there on the course, and in knowing this is true, I have gained more ways to teach this to other golfers.”

—Adam Bowles, Head of Golf Operations, Rumbling Bald


Growing up in Thomasville, Bowles was first introduced to the game of golf as a kid, watching his grandfather play the Lake Junaluska course in Haywood County. A lifelong athlete, Bowles began getting serious with golf following college, ultimately earning his membership into the PGA when it came time to choose a career path.

“A large part of my job is certainly making sure people enjoy their experience here at the golf course. I spend the majority of my time and effort in making sure this happens,” he said. “Nothing makes me more happy than seeing someone leave the course happy. In teaching, I get satisfaction from seeing a player achieve something they were not able to do before they got there. My job is not to fill their head with all the things I know about the golf swing, it is to give them the confidence to go out and be capable of hitting a quality golf shot, no matter their ability.”

And as he has pushed further into the depths of golf—a day to learn, a lifetime to master—Bowles looks at the game as something that has shaped him into the person he is today, on and off the course.

“The game of golf has helped me be more humble in my competitive spirit. I’ve learned that it will not always go my way out there on the course, and in knowing this is true, I have gained more ways to teach this to other golfers,” he said. “Working in the service industry, which is what I love, has helped me in my normal dealings of daily life. Everywhere I go, I try to remember how I felt being the one behind the counter and how that person has to deal with so many different personalities.”

When Bowles approaches that first tee box on a course, he makes sure to put his competitive nature in check. He makes sure all that goes through his head is the notion that a calm nature and thought process can result in the ideal shot.

“In golf, you have to be calm and collected to be able to perform. Any emotion can find itself present in a daily golf game, from joy, anger, confusion, or doubt,” he said. “So, when I step on the first tee, I try to remember to take it one shot at a time. The Achilles heel of most golfers is pride. They all too often try to play above their ability. I teach my students to slow down and think. Be present in the current shot and don’t worry about what your playing competitor is doing—worry about yourself.”


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Rumbling Bald Courses, by the Numbers


Designed by Dan Maples and opened in 1986, it has been dubbed one of the most beautiful mountain courses around by Golf Digest’s “Places to Play.” The course measures 6,756 yards from the championship tees, and has a slope rating of 140 and a 73.2 USGA rating.


Designed by William B. Lewis and built in 1968, this challenging course is complemented by gorgeous mountain views and the towering rock faced cliffs that gave it its name. It receives high marks from Golf Digest’s readers. The course measures 6,283 yards, and has a course rating of 70.9 and a slope rating of 128.

About Rumbling Bald Resort

Nestled at the southern end of Lake Lure is the Rumbling Bald Resort, whose residents make up approximately half of the town’s population. The resort’s residents and guests have access to a marina and a recreation center featuring a host of outdoor amusements and sports, food and drink, and swimming areas—both in the lake and shoreside pools.

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