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Blue Ghost Brewing Capitalizes on Fletcher’s Location and Biology

No longer simply a sleepy stopping point between Asheville and Hendersonville, Fletcher, NC is now a destination in its own right. The town has been growing at a steady and smooth pace in recent years thanks to lower housing costs and its convenient location. Business owners, including those at Blue Ghost Brewing, are taking note […]

Fletcher, NC: Pride in Our Past, and Faith in Our Future

Fletcher, NC is a small town centrally located between Asheville and Hendersonville at the northern end of Henderson County. The town sits on six square miles of relatively flat land, with the Blue Ridge Mountains on the close horizon. “I think if I had to describe Fletcher in three words, they would be CONVENIENT, GROWING, […]

Agents Answer: Where are the Best Outdoor Spots for a Beverage in WNC?

From its epicenter in Asheville to tiny enclaves around Western North Carolina, craft beverages are a big draw for people from near and far. The number of local craft breweries (close to 70 in the region!) is matched only by their quality, uniqueness, and seasonal ingredients. But our love of handcrafted drinks doesn’t stop there! […]

14 Restaurants Where You can Get Amazing BLTs

Five simple ingredients. Infinite possibilities and room for argument. (Why else would Google deliver 281,000 video results for a sandwich with 80% of the ingredients in its name?)  The bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich has a century-long reputation as a classic American sandwich. It’s beloved by millions around the nation, and has inspired artists and […]

Everything You Need to Know about Community Gardens in Asheville

Western North Carolina is known for its deep agricultural roots and award-winning farm-to-table dining. Now, residents are finding opportunities to grow both food and community—right in their own neighborhoods. Learn more about the impact of community gardens in WNC. What are Community Gardens? Community gardens are small plots of land collectively cared for by members […]

Live Abundantly in the Luxury Lifestyle of Your Choice

With its cloud-grazing peaks, temperate valleys, and unique urban communities, Western North Carolina offers you many ways to Live Abundantly. In fact, that’s one reason why the region is so popular among luxury buyers from all over the world. It is just as easy to live a rural equestrian lifestyle in Polk County as it […]

Agents Answer: What are Our Best Gardening Tips?

By now, you’ve probably run out of board games, free trials of streaming channels, and even the easy home improvements you’ve put off since you moved in. Now what do you do to make long days at home a little more tolerable? Life during social distancing can take a toll on your psyche. But do […]

We’re Still Here for You: Don’t Miss Your April LoLo Gifts!

A Message from Beverly-Hanks and LoLo: While we are navigating a variety of new circumstances due to COVID-19, we think it’s vital to remember that small businesses are the heart of our community. Therefore, we are going to continue sending you monthly LoLo gifts. Please use them when it feels appropriate, and note that businesses […]