8 Fun Ways to Spend Time during an Unexpected Showing

Here are eight fun ways to spend your time while your home is being shown.
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If you’re selling your home, you know that there’s a third requirement in addition to keeping your home clean and well staged. When potential buyers come by to tour the property, you need to be gone.

Most of the time, home showings are scheduled well enough in advance that you can put together a list of errands to run or call a friend to meet up for coffee. But sometimes buyers just can’t wait to see your listing for themselves. 

In cases of unexpected showings, what should you do with your random hour or two away from the house? That’s hardly enough time to sit through a movie at the theater. And wandering around Target only leads to unexpected purchases you may not want to make while you’re in the middle of a move, yourself.

It can be frustrating to make the most of an interruption during your day—even one that may lead to such a positive outcome as the purchase of your home. But don’t worry. With a little foresight, it’s easy to invest in yourself and in the moment. Here are eight fun ways to spend your time while your home is being shown.

Grab a Drink

Western North Carolina has no shortage of coffee shops, breweries, and other craft beverage locations. Use your hour to stop by your favorite coffee shop that you haven’t visited in a while. Or take the time to try a new brewery or distillery that’s popped up in your neighborhood. (Chances are good that there’s a new one somewhere nearby.) Who knows—maybe you’ll come to really enjoy these quick breaks in the middle of your day.

Redeem Your LoLo Gift

You should receive regular monthly gifts from your Beverly-Hanks agent through our Thank Local program. If you never got around to redeeming them before, now’s your chance to give it a try. Simply visit the location for this month’s gift, show your email to the employee at the register, and enjoy your freebie. No strings attached! (But true locals don’t forget to tip.) It’s a great way to try a new local business and treat yourself at the same time.

Visit the Library

When was the last time you visited your local library? Local libraries offer events and resources you can’t find anywhere else in town. The Buncombe County library system even lets you check out unusual items like telescopes! Even if you’re too busy for stargazing, libraries are great places to relax and daydream without feeling compelled to make a purchase. And who knows—maybe you’ll discover a book you can take with you for coffee next time you have a showing!

Enjoy the Outdoors

In Western North Carolina, you don’t have to travel hours to find a nice, quiet space outside. There are many greenspaces in town, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are right in our backyard! Enjoy your hour outside in the fresh mountain air. Take a walk along the greenway. Do a bit of light yoga under a tree. Meditate on a shady bench. You’ll end your hour feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Start a New Hobby

Did you know that birdwatching is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the country? WNC is a great place to see a wide variety of aerial species. Have you always wanted to spend more time honing your musical talents? Teach yourself guitar, or perfect your whistling skills. Do you wish you could capture all the interesting faces you see walking past each day? This could be your chance to improve your painting or drawing skills. This is your time—make the most of it!

Be a Tourist

There are few things as fun as being a tourist in your own hometown. If your home showings are only scheduled for an hour or two, that’s a great opportunity to visit something new in town. Stop to read that historical marker you drive by every day. Visit a historical site, like the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Home, that you’ve never had time to see. Track down that stone labyrinth you saw in Instagram. You’ll be surprised how much there is to discover about your own city.

Get Things in Order

An hour is a huge amount of time to do all the little chores you’ve been avoiding. You can clean and vacuum your car. You can look through all the pending alerts on your phone, clean out your photo roll, and respond to emails in your inbox. You can grab the stack of papers that have piled up on the counter and sort through your bills and financial statements. You can finally send that thank you note to your Aunt Ethel for the birthday gift she sent in June. These tasks may not be fun in the traditional sense, but you’ll feel much better once they’re done.

Plan Ahead

Chance are, if you’re selling your home, it’s because you have big changes on your horizon. If house showings leave you feeling discombobulated, use this time to get yourself back on track. Set goals and make a list of things you need to do to achieve them. Brainstorm ideas for how your next home will be organized. You know what you need to do. Allow yourself this time to set yourself up for success.

What activities keep you busy when you have an unexpected home showing? Let us know in the comments.


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