5 Smart Home Devices that Increase Interest in Your Luxury Home Listing

Forbes magazine has called Asheville “an emerging Silicon Valley.” And if the true Silicon Valley has taught us anything, it’s that where innovation is on the rise, there are sure to be tech-savvy Millennials with new money and an interest in high-end real estate. But as a luxury seller, how do you set your property apart from similar homes on the market? One good tactic is to invest in smart home technology.

In fact, a recent survey by Better Homes and Gardens indicates that 64% of the Millennial homebuyers value smart home technology as the primary factor when purchasing a home. Previous studies by REAL Trends show that 59% of buyers with children and 47% of buyers without children would pay more for a home with smart technology already installed. And Houzz found that 24% of current homebuyers would consider adding smart home technology features in a home renovation.

There are dozens of smart devices designed to make your home at once more accessible and more secure. Here are just a few that would add value to a home on the market:

Smart Locks and Security Systems

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1. Smart Locks and Security Systems

Imagine using your existing house keys, existing deadbolt, secure pin, a fob, your smartphone, or a combination of the above to open your front door. Whatever your preferences, you can find the best secure smart lock for you. There are many brands on the market, but the most recommended this season is the August Smart Lock with HomeKit integration. For a full suite of security system devices, try ADT Pulse or SimpliSafe Home Security System.

Smart Doorbells

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2. Smart Doorbells

You’ll never miss your Amazon Prime delivery again with a smart doorbell. See, hear, and speak to whoever is at your door, even when you’re not at home. Items like the SkyBell HD delivers 1080p video with color night vision, integrates with many of your other smart home devices, and comes with free cloud storage for recorded video. CNET also recommends Nest Hello, which includes optional facial recognition and advanced integrations with the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Google Home speakers.

Smart Thermostats

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3. Smart Thermostats

Cozy living is just a swipe away when you have an app-controlled thermostat. The most popular smart thermostat this season may be the Ecobee4. It has a responsive display, remote sensor to prevent cold spots, and built-in Amazon Alexa voice service capabilities. The Nest Learning Thermostat is another recommended option. Its wifi connection means it can be remotely controlled, and it learns your patterns and begins to adjust your home’s heating and air conditioning automatically.

Smart Detectors

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4. Smart Detectors

Put safety first with top-of-the-line smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Items like the 2G Nest Protect is just as reliable as your traditional detectors, but it sends alerts to your phone if it detects any problems. If you don’t want to invest in a new device, the Roost Wi-Fi Smart Battery plugs into the 9V slot of your existing detectors and offers the same kind of alerts.

Smart Home Hubs and Controllers

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5. Smart Home Hubs and Controllers

With all the new smart devices you have in your home, you’ll need a central system to control them all. Integrate all your new devices together with a system like the Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa. The Samsung SmartThings hub is another a cost-effective way to control your home’s security, lighting, electricity usage, and more. Depending on your setup, you are alerted by open windows or doors, even during a power outage. You can also try the Wink Hub 2 or the Logitech Harmony Elite, a universal remote that truly lives up to its name.


Do you plan on buying a smart home device this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. My parents are planning to buy a luxury home when they retire. It was explained here that luxury homes have smart locks and doorbells as well for security. Moreover, it’s advisable to talk to real estate experts when considering a luxury home.

  2. Smart technology is becoming so much more important for me when moving into a house. I think it is interesting that people about half of people would pay more for a luxury home with smart technology. We installed a smart lock and next, we are planning on adding a nest thermometer.

  3. When I build my new home, I would want to add all of these smart devices to it. It is pretty neat that you can control pretty much all of these items from your phone. All in all, I’d be sure to get all of them installed by a trained professional.


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