Be the First to Decorate with the 2020 Colors of the Year

For months, designers and color experts from around the globe have been looking forward. Forward not only to the coming year, but to the next decade: the 2020s. They have taken inspiration from the natural world. Global movements and tipping points around us have generated visual inspiration. And the result is a wide-ranging palette of […]

Discover the Cultivated 2019 Colors of the Year

Where in the world do you want to go in 2019? From the high rises of the inner city to the desert’s solitude, the upcoming Colors of the Year were artfully chosen to transport you there. Color experts from a half dozen international paint companies have scoured the globe (figuratively, at least) to bring you […]

Paint Companies Weigh in on the 2017 Colors of the Year

Whether coincidence or by design, 2016 seemed characterized as the year of 50 shades of grey. Soft dove greys welcomed you into foyers, rich mineral greys made cabinets pop—even the grout between subway tiles suddenly darkened into the all-at-once ubiquitous hue. Elle Decor predicted we’d be seeing more muted jewel tones and pastels in the […]