Walkable Urbanism: Is This what the End of Sprawl Looks Like?

In the 1980s, drivable suburban development saw great gains in market share as people scrambled to escape decaying urban cores and the crime and congestion that went with them. They escaped from concrete jungles to concrete savannas—vast sprawling communities of strip malls and never-full parking lots, or planned neighborhoods miles away from the nearest bus […]

Low Vacancy All Over: CoStar Reports on Asheville’s Q4 2016 Commercial Markets

We reported recently in the Beverly-Hanks 2016 EOY Market Report that 2016 was an interesting year for commercial real estate in Western North Carolina. And boy was that true! Office. Industrial. Leasing. We saw the same trend across all categories: the number of transactions was down, the average sales price was up. Even so, overall […]

If Commercial is Tightening, Will Housing Tighten, too?

We reported in the Beverly-Hanks Q2 2016 Market Report that commercial sales across WNC are softening considerably. Now, we’re seeing evidence that big banks across the nation are tightening their commercial loan standards. Could these changes be in anticipation of a greater real estate slowdown? For the fourth quarter in a row, banks are tightening […]