Agents Answer: What are Our Best Gardening Tips?

By now, you’ve probably run out of board games, free trials of streaming channels, and even the easy home improvements you’ve put off since you moved in. Now what do you do to make long days at home a little more tolerable? Life during social distancing can take a toll on your psyche. But do […]

4 Important Reasons to Landscape with Native Plants

You may believe that English ivy adds an air of sophistication to your garden wall. Sure, it feels inspired to have your weekly Sunday mimosa under a mimosa tree. And we’ve all been to a school campus or office park lined with Bradford pears. But did you know that these plants severely threaten native vegetation? […]

Pick Your Favorite Home Garden Space!

Is there anything more rewarding than seeing a seedling grow to maturity thanks to your own carefully cultivated green thumb? In Western North Carolina, it’s easy to create your own personal farm-to-table movement with a flourishing garden space. Enjoy the best of what summer has to offer in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The homes below […]