What Kind of Urban Homesteading am I Allowed to do in Asheville?

What was once a Western North Carolina lifestyle of necessity is now a modern lifestyle by choice. The growing homesteading community is shunning thoughtless consumerism and resource consumption for a new—or, rather, old—tradition: one of self-sufficiency and measured land use. Even if you’re not a capital-H “homesteader,” you may be practicing one or several common […]

8 Beginner Dos and Don’ts for DIY Composting at Home

The only thing more rewarding than growing your home improvement skills as a homeowner is literally growing something in your garden. After all, is there anything as awe inspiring as watching a seedling grow to maturity thanks to your own carefully cultivated green thumb?  One skill that straddles the line between homeowner tasks and gardening […]

3 Important Facts You Should Know about Conservation Easements in Asheville

Some landowners spend their entire lives caring for the hills and streams they own. Some spend generations. But what happens to all their hard work when it comes time to entrust the land to someone else? Can they stop it from being bulldozed and paved over? If preserving your farmland, forest, or wilderness is a […]

3 Charming Things You Should Know about Agrihoods in Asheville

Instead of organizing around a golf course or tennis court, a new suburban community is centering itself around green space, healthy living, and community agriculture. It calls itself an agrihood. It may be the first time you’re hearing this term, but we guarantee it won’t be the last. Agrihoods are growing quickly in popularity and […]

Green Built Alliance Builds a Better World for Tomorrow

For 20 years, the Green Built Alliance has been at the forefront of sustainability in Asheville and greater Western North Carolina. Through its three principles of community education, measurable standards, and regional action, the nonprofit remains a pillar of green practices and implementation. “We’re out there in the community, helping people connect with the knowledge […]

5 Efficient Ways to Make Your Luxury Home More Sustainable

In Western North Carolina, we know that to Live Abundantly means enjoying our mountains as the wonderful natural greenscape that supports us all. And that also means doing our part to ensure our mountains remain beautiful and green for generations to come. The first steps toward a sustainable environment begin in the home. Arguably, the […]

12 Local Nonprofits that Help Protect Our Natural Resources

In the Blue Ridge, our mountains are inextricably linked to our way of life. Traditionally, the mountains have guided farming practices, town traditions, and community cultures. Today, they serve as a backdrop for our outdoor adventures and lifelong memories.  Enjoying the beauty of our mountains is one way you can Live Abundantly in WNC. For […]

14 Bright Options for Local Solar Companies

Have you been hearing more about solar energy recently? It’s not your imagination. The Solarize Asheville-Buncombe program is offering locals great group rates for solar energy, battery storage, and other clean energy technologies. In addition, there’s currently a 26% federal tax credit available for homeowners installing solar PV systems. Whether you’re a homeowner, local nonprofit, […]

How to Win at Recycling in Hendersonville, NC

Did you know that November 15 is America Recycles Day?  We know recycling as the last step in the ecological mantra, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” But recycling is more than a final effort to save some trash from the landfill. In addition to protecting our environment, an EPA study found that every 10,000 tons of material […]