5 Easy Summer Staging Tips that Will Amplify Your Home Listing

Each season has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling your home. For instance, summer may seem like the ideal time to sell a home, but for many it’s a challenge. Not only are buyers distracted by summer vacations, watching the kids, and summer holiday activities, but so are you.  […]

The 2022 Colors of the Year Help You Go Green and Become One with Nature

Some people flip tarot cards. Some read tea leaves. But as real estate experts, we prefer to analyze (some would say overanalyze) a different medium to make predictions about the year ahead.  Yes, we are once again talking about the Colors of the Year!  Our annual post examines the Colors of the Year chosen by […]

How to Best Prepare Your Home for a 3D Open House

When you decided to list your home this spring, we bet you thought beating back buyers with a stick would be your biggest problem. Instead, we’ve found ourselves squarely in a world of social distancing and virtual exchanges. The real estate market is quickly adjusting to a world of fewer in-person interactions and property showings. […]

5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Home

What resolutions are you setting for 2020 and the decade ahead? Are you ready to buckle down and become more healthy?  That’s a great goal, but what exactly does it mean? You may be thinking about doing more yoga, eating more vegetables, and losing a little weight. But did you know that your home could […]

How to Prepare Your Home for a Surprise Showing

There are a lot of stressors in everyday life. Add the chore of moving on top of it all, and it can feel like your fragile house of cards is liable to collapse at any moment. In addition to managing your own home buying process, you have to keep the house you’re leaving squeaky clean […]