5 Things You Need to Know about Amortization Schedules

Am-or-ti-za-tion. Try saying that five times fast! In addition to earning you a zillion Scrabble points, amortization is an important concept for every home buyer to comprehend. After all, it’s the secret to understanding your mortgage loan and paying it down over time. And for a debt as large as a home, that’s a secret […]

Quiz: Can You Guess the Mortgage for These Popular Homes?

Homebuyers are facing a tight home supply and near-record market activity, but mortgage rates continue to hover near historic lows. By combining low interest rates with a good down payment, many savvy buyers across Western North Carolina are finding that their mortgage payments are lower than they would have thought. Many factors go into your […]

Beverly-Hanks Mortgage Services Make Home Buying Easy and Enjoyable

The home mortgage process is more complicated than it used to be. Well-qualified people are often finding themselves delayed or even unable to close due to lender-mandated, last-minute changes and requests. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect home, and then having circumstances out of your control prevent you from realizing that dream. Beverly-Hanks Mortgage […]