How to Set up Utilities in WNC: A Complete Guide for New Homeowners

There’s a lot of love that goes into buying a home. From discovering the perfect fireplace framed by built-ins to finding a space large enough for a growing household, it’s easy to see the whole process with rose-colored glasses. But unless you’re wealthy enough to have a butler who has a butler, you’ll have to […]

Why Americans Move Compared to the Rest of the World

How often do you spot moving trucks in your neighborhood? And when was the last time you, yourself, moved? Chances are, as an American, you experienced one or both of those things fairly recently. Americans move more frequently than people in nearly any other place in the world. Today, we’re going to look at just […]

8 Ways Beverly-Hanks Relocation Makes Your Move Easy

From coordinating housing to packing your belongings to learning your new neighborhood, moving always has its challenges. But when that move is to another region, state, or country, those challenges can feel overwhelming. That’s where the Relocation Department at Beverly-Hanks, REALTORS® steps in to help! No matter where you’re moving, the Beverly-Hanks Relocation Department can […]

Make Moving Day Easy with this Calendar Checklist

Whether you do it every few years or this is your first time as an adult, moving day can be a significant source of stress. There are so many things you must remember to do, from transferring your National Geographic subscription to making sure you can find your prescriptions later among the sea of uniform […]

10 Tips for a Stress-Free Move with Pets

Moving day is stressful. There are boxes everywhere. Paperwork needs signed. Movers need paid. And at some point you need to find your toothbrush before you head to your home closing. But as stressed as you may feel, that’s nothing compared to what your pets are going through. Pets can become very anxious during the […]