8 Beginner Dos and Don’ts for DIY Composting at Home

The only thing more rewarding than growing your home improvement skills as a homeowner is literally growing something in your garden. After all, is there anything as awe inspiring as watching a seedling grow to maturity thanks to your own carefully cultivated green thumb?  One skill that straddles the line between homeowner tasks and gardening […]

Seasonal Businesses Thrive in Western North Carolina: The Land of Four Seasons

Much like this writer, when storm clouds climb up and over the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, they lose a lot of their steam. One of the great benefits of our mountains is the steadiness of our weather patterns. Yes, the unique topography in Western North Carolina does create the risk for occasional floods. […]

How to Search High and Low to Find Summer Wildflowers in the Mountains

There’s something to the old adage that April showers bring May flowers. In the mountains of Western North Carolina, that means our spring erupts with early white, red, and yellow blooms each year. However, spring isn’t the only time to see beautiful blooms, and wildflower season is not over yet. The Blue Ridge Mountains rise […]

Landscaping Trends to Increase the Value of Your Home

What makes a house turn heads? Landscaping creates that first impression that either draws people in or makes them want to drive by. Your yard reflects the way you care for the rest of your home. That’s why it’s crucial to stay up to date with the latest landscaping trends, because improvements to your yard […]

18 Local Garden Centers that Make Your Landscaping Easy to Manage

Are you ready to put your yard to work? If the idea of expanding your home garden is growing on you, it’s easy to find all the native plants, tasty veggies, and curb appeal staples you need without going far from home!  Western North Carolina communities are loved for their inspiring landscapes, dedicated nonprofits, and […]

Why are the Hemlocks Dying?: Everything You Need to Know

The mountain vistas of Western North Carolina attract nature lovers from far and wide. But as you look out across the rolling peaks and shady valleys, you may notice an interruption in your view of the Blue Ridge. What are all those dead trees? Those blanched spines were once thriving hemlock trees, some hundreds of […]

The Buzz about Bee City, USA

Asheville has long been known as Beer City USA, but did you know we’re also Bee City? In 2012, Asheville became the first to accept the title and responsibility of being an official bee city, launching a national movement. This commitment to creating more sustainable habitats for bees and other pollinators is echoed throughout Western […]