What is the MLS? And Why is it Important to Your Home Search?

Imagine a group of dapper gentlemen sitting around a conference table, discussing the newest properties for sale in the city. Their three-button vests were freshly pressed just this morning, and their mustaches are expertly waxed. By sharing information about their client’s available properties, the brokers are engaging in an open quid pro quo: If you […]

6 Ways to Keep from Being Scammed on Home Repairs

Your home represents one of the largest financial investments you may make in your lifetime. Of course, you want to take care of that investment. But when repairs need to be made, it’s also important to know you’re getting a good service for your money. Home repair and home improvement scammers are most likely to […]

Should You Buy a Vacation Home or a Vacation Rental?: the Pros and Cons

If it’s financially feasible for you, owning a second property can be an excellent investment. You can use the property as a vacation rental. Or you can retain it for your own vacation purposes and use it as a primary home during retirement.  However, before you jump on that cute bungalow you spotted on beverly-hanks.com, […]

4 Important Things Every New Homeowner Should Know about Plumbing

Is your toilet running? Quick, hurry up and catch it! Bad dad jokes aside, a running toilet or a drippy faucet can be more than groan inducing. Even minor plumbing issues can inflate your water bill and potentially damage your cabinetry and belongings.  Whether you bought a fixer-upper or a shiny new-construction home, eventually, you’ll […]

What is a FROG (in Real Estate Lingo) and Why Would I Want One in My Home?

Before listing your home for sale, it’s best to take care of certain improvement issues that might pop up during your home inspection: insulation issues, minor plumbing problems, pests and vermin. But if you have a FROG in your home, consider it a boon for your home sale! Here’s everything you need to know about […]

3 Important Facts You Should Know about Conservation Easements in Asheville

Some landowners spend their entire lives caring for the hills and streams they own. Some spend generations. But what happens to all their hard work when it comes time to entrust the land to someone else? Can they stop it from being bulldozed and paved over? If preserving your farmland, forest, or wilderness is a […]

7 Home Architecture Styles it’s Common to See in the Mountains

One of the great joys of house hunting is seeing the great variety of homes that are in our community. Because of our terrain, our neighborhoods show little of the cookie cutter suburban sprawl of large cities in the South and West.  But can you articulate just what exactly you’re looking at? More importantly, do […]

3 Important Facts to Know about Slope Ordinances in Asheville

Property development is, at its core, a local endeavor. Each municipality has its own rules and regulations for many aspects of residential and commercial development. In the mountains, one regulation that’s constantly at the forefront of all development conversations is slope ordinances. Today, we’ve prepared a short primer about slope ordinances, including what they are, […]