Can You Increase Your Home Value by Adding a Pool?

Temperatures are ready to approach summer highs—maybe even record highs again this year. On days when just moving through the house causes a sweat mustache, you’re probably thinking that a swimming pool could be the answer to staving off a household mutiny. And wouldn’t it be nice to pour a tall, cold drink and just […]

Walkable Neighborhoods: Attract Interested Buyers with One Not-so-Obvious Home Feature

How much value is there to living in a community that’s difficult to access? As home buyers are increasingly focusing on community features during their home search, walkable neighborhoods are becoming a bigger and bigger draw. Today, we explain just what makes a neighborhood walkable, which demographics are searching for homes like yours, and how […]

The Beverly-Hanks 4-Step Selling Process: Time-Tested Results to Sell Your Home Quickly

Since 1976, Beverly-Hanks has refined a system for selling your home based on our experience selling 2,333 properties each year. Beverly-Hanks associates provide full service at every step of the home selling process, and our listings are supported by 60 operations and marketing team members. When you hire a Beverly-Hanks agent, you are hiring an […]

Our Top 5 Tips to Sell Your Home in 90 Days—But Only if You Start Today!

Don’t tell anyone, but last week we saw Christmas decorations at the dollar store. via GIPHY Are you shocked and outraged that we haven’t yet reached the first official day of autumn and are already seeing winter holiday decor? You’re not alone. However, the holidays are something you have to start thinking about now if […]

We’re Local, We’re Global—Thanks to Luxury Portfolio International

For more than 40 years, Beverly-Hanks & Associates has been Western North Carolina’s real estate market leader. Since our inception, we’ve specialized in the marketing of fine property, connecting buyers and sellers in our local markets, as well as across the country. More than 100,000 people visit our website each month, and in fact, one […]

The Best Local Real Estate Website Hits its Highest Monthly Users Ever!

Like the sun outside, the real estate market is hot, hot, HOT! Despite current issues with home supply, properties are flying off the market faster than ever. Buyers—especially in the lower price tiers—know they need to be prepared to move quickly to get the home they want. More than that, they need to be confident […]

5 Summer Staging Tips that Will Amplify Your Home Listing

Each season has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling your home. Our current real estate market is hotter than the weather outside. Even so, knowing how to prepare and position your home is important for a quick and beneficial sale. Here are five of our top summer staging tips […]

These 3 Questions will Help You Find the Best Agent to Sell Your Luxury Home

Let’s pretend you’re Golden Globe-nominated actress Andie MacDowell and you’re interested in putting your magnificent Biltmore Forest home on the market. Or that your family farm is going onto the market in fast-growing Mills River for the first time in more than 50 years. There are probably a lot of goals around the sale of […]

What is the MLS and Why is it Important to My Home Search?

Imagine a group of dapper gentlemen sitting around a conference table to discuss the newest properties for sale in the city. Their three-button vests were freshly pressed just this morning, and their mustaches are expertly waxed. By sharing information about their client’s properties, the brokers are engaging in an open quid pro quo: If you […]