Mountain-Area Unemployment Rises, but the Asheville Metro Remains Lowest in the State

Unemployment rates were recently released for North Carolina, and the Asheville metro fared better than any other area of the state. It is common for unemployment to trend up during the post-holiday months before construction and tourism see a seasonal rebound. This year is proving no different than normal. January unemployment rates increased for every […]

Asheville Area’s Hourly Wage Jumps

In a closely related breakthrough, Asheville’s average hourly earnings broke $20 for the first time. The rate jumped by nearly 6% from a year earlier; the largest percentage increase since 2008. At $20.20 an hour, Asheville’s average hourly earnings is sixth highest among the state’s metros. Asheville’s current unemployment rate, at 6.8%, is the lowest […]

NC NOW | Asheville Revitalization | UNC-TV

David Huppert shows how creativity in the arts community has served as a major force in drawing greater commerce to Asheville’s downtown and beyond. Interviews with Kit Cramer of the Asheville Chmaber of Commerce and John Cram of Blue Spiral 1 really bring to life how the arts scene is responsible for Asheville’s success. Produced […]