4 Yancey County Museums and Sites You Need to Visit to Truly Understand the Area

Can you name five famous residents of Yancey County? How about the site of Native American petroglyphs that date back nearly to the construction of the Egyptian pyramids? Do you know why there’s a monument to lost submarines at the top of a mountain? Or the original name of Mount Mitchell? You already live like […]

Agents Answer: Where are the Best Fishing Spots in WNC?

Some people say that fishing is a cure-all for the soul. It offers a direct connection to nature for many. It offers peace and solitude to some. And it offers an opportunity for camaraderie and companionship for others. Whatever your motivation to get out on the lake or into the streams and rivers, Western North […]

Live Close to All Your Favorite Mountain Adventures in Burnsville, NC

Whoever said that small-town life was a small life never lived in Burnsville, NC. The town offers living situations and outdoor experiences that go above and beyond the norm, presenting you with many opportunities to Live Abundantly in WNC. In turn, these experiences are attracting a growing community of people to the area. “Burnsville is […]

Local Schools are Building Tomorrow: Education is a Top Priority in WNC

One of the most important things to consider when you’re thinking about moving is the quality of the schools. The schools around a home affect its value and its appeal to potential future buyers. Even if you don’t have children or they are out of the nest, you want to be aware of the quality […]

Nonprofit Spotlight: Toe River Arts Council

It’s been proven time and time again that people learn best through hands-on activities. Whether you’re eight or 80, making something with your hands teaches more than just the skill of the craft. Through arts education and support, the Toe River Arts Council works to help the locals and visitors of Yancey and Mitchell Counties […]

5 Things to Know about Mineral and Gem Mining near Burnsville

We spend so much time enjoying the peaks of our mountains—the abundant biodiversity, great hiking trails, the views!—that we rarely ever stop to look down. But when we do, we see that the abundance of our mountains extends far below the topsoil. In addition to being the tallest peaks in the eastern U.S., the mountains […]

Agents Answer: What are the Best Ways to Stay Active in WNC during the Winter?

Seasonal claustrophobia is coming early this year!  Now that winter has officially begun, many people are worried about being stuck inside all season. All the board games have been played, the jigsaw puzzles have been made, and it’s seriously time for a digital detox. Luckily, there is always plenty to do outside in WNC to […]

The Best Holiday Shopping in Burnsville if You Want Local Art

In addition to its peaks and valleys, Yancey County is known for its extraordinarily rich artistic output. The county boasts more than 400 full-time and 200 part-time working artists, including basket makers, glassblowers, metal smiths, painters, paper makers, potters, quilters, sculptors, and weavers. Neighboring Mitchell County is also a renowned destination for art lovers, in […]

Fill This Trailer, Feed a Child

Help prevent Yancey County children from going hungry during this coronavirus crisis.  Many young people in Yancey County are food insecure and have trouble finding filling and healthy meals outside of school. With schools closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, these students don’t have guaranteed access to healthy, warm meals every day. This is […]