Everything You Need to Know about Supper Clubs in Asheville

Learn More about the Blind Pig Supper Club of Asheville

Everywhere you look, more and more attention is being paid to enjoying local food. In fact, Asheville has won glowing accolades many times over for its traditional and innovative food and drink scene

But did you know there is another food movement taking place right here in Western North Carolina? Traditional and underground supper clubs lure adventurous eaters to locations where they can taste a chef’s wildest, out-of-the-box culinary creations. 

Learn more about supper clubs in Asheville, and see one in action, below!

What is a Supper Club?

Traditionally, a supper club is a dining venue that also serves as a social club. They trace their roots back to ancient Rome. But supper clubs gained popularity in the Midwest during the middle of the twentieth century. In many cases, supper clubs present a high-class image, even if their prices are affordable. Recently, a newer usage of the term supper club has emerged, referring to underground restaurants.

Even more ethereal than a pop-up restaurant, underground supper clubs are truly one-of-a-kind, single-night culinary experiences. Often, the menu is a surprise until you arrive. Locations for underground supper clubs could include traditional restaurants, but they have also been found at local farms, art galleries, other businesses, and even basements. Part of the fun of underground supper clubs is that their events occur where you may least expect to find an evening of great food.

Where can I Find Supper Clubs in Asheville?

Asheville, NC has two dedicated supper clubs. One is a traditional supper club, and one focuses on underground events.

Blind Pig Supper Club

Since 2011, Blind Pig Supper Club has brought talented local chefs together with artists, musicians, and farmers for unique social experiences. As a diner, you will enjoy creative new dishes, food items, and ingredients. Blind Pig events support a variety of local charities.

Locations TBD | theblindpigsupperclub.com

Smoky Park Supper Club

Located on nearly two acres along the banks of the French Broad River, Smoky Park Supper Club offers an ideal atmosphere for grabbing a drink and listening to music. Their traditional supper club concept recalls the mid-century, Midwestern tradition of family and friends enjoying food, entertainment, and fabulous hospitality in a beautiful country setting.

350 Riverside Drive, Asheville | (828) 350-0315 | smokypark.com

Learn More about the Blind Pig Supper Club of Asheville

The mission of Blind Pig Supper Club of Asheville is to connect foodies with the chefs who prepared your meal, the farmers who grew it, and all the people who work hard to make your dining experience wonderful. 

“Asheville has always been a tourist destination,” said Michael Moore, co-creator of the Blind Pig. “And with that comes great food, of course.… There are people here that are very passionate about their craft, as far as growing vegetables or raising an animal, and that passion coincides in the kitchen. So, when you have that passion and that community support, it just makes for the perfect environment for something like the Blind Pig.” 

In this video from 2014, Blind Pig Supper Club paired with Southern Food Alliance to showcase traditional southern Appalachian cuisine on Claxton Farm in Weaverville.

“We wanted to focus on the foods of this area, this region, which are very special and very historic. A lot of food ingredients here are common in Appalachian cuisine, and this is grandmother’s food. These are old recipes, this is food cooked over a fire tonight. This is food that coincides with the people and the culture here of Appalachia, and shows the chefs and these farmers and these food producers of this region,” said Moore.

Have you been to an underground supper club event? Tell us about your unique experience in the comments!