Using Smart Home Tech to Make Your Home Shine during Showings

Using Smart Home Tech to Make Your Home Shine during Showings

When it comes to selling a home, everyone is looking for a leg up in this crowded marketplace. It’s common to freshen up paint, invest in some new landscaping, and even remodel a room or two to appeal to the latest trends.

What might not be as common? “Smarter” upgrades. While basic home improvements can be a good investment during the selling process, adding some smart-tech devices can go a long way toward updating your curb appeal and making your showings wow potential home buyers. Here are a few of the most strategic gadgets you can add to the mix to change your home’s look and feel, and how they can make you stand out on even the busiest of streets.

Use Smart Schedules to Show Your Property in Its Best Light

An inexpensive upgrade to consider is to invest in a set of smart light bulbs, or even a complete smart lighting system for the entire home. Automate your exterior lights so buyers driving by will always see your home cast in its most flattering glow.

Make lighting a priority on the inside, too. Every property looks different during various times of the day. Maybe your kitchen feels especially dark in the morning, or you want to make sure that your home is welcoming during an evening showing. A smart lighting system will allow you to control lighting from afar, and schedule different lighting scenes for different rooms and different times of the day. Brighten up the kitchen by utilizing smart lights in the morning, and set up your landscape lights to increase their intensity as nighttime approaches.

You can also use the colors and scenes to highlight your property from as far away as the curb. If you leave curtains and shades open, you can set up a bright light scene in the dining room, warm lamp-light in the study, and even colored accents in the kids’ bedrooms upstairs. This will help potential buyers imagine themselves in the space, and it will even allow you to tweak the dials to appeal to the tastes of different showings.

Keep Things the Perfect Temperature with a Smart Thermostat

If you’ve sold a home before, or have gone through the process of touring properties, you know that every home has a certain “feel.” What you might not notice is that the feel of a home has a lot to do with the environment you experience when you first walk in the door. Nothing leaves a worse impression than a hot and stuffy house in the summer, or a frigid walkthrough in the cold winter months.

That’s where a smart thermostat can come into play. Even if you live across town or are states away from your property, you can easily manage the temperature of the property from a simple smartphone app. Even better, having a smart thermostat gives you another selling benefit to market to potential buyers; everyone loves the convenience of these simple gadgets, and the energy savings from automatic scheduling and more efficient operation can make a significant difference in their cost of ownership over the long run.

With a smart thermostat, you can make a simple but effective change to your property that will always help showings start off on the right foot.

Set the Mood with Music over Smart Speakers

Music has a way of evoking a mood. Give home buyers the feeling of calm and tranquility as they enter your home with the power of music. With smart speakers, you can control the music remotely and customize it to the area of the home. Pair the speaker with motion sensors so music plays as people enter the room. Have fun with the playlist: Choose lively tunes for the living spaces, playful selections for the kids’ rooms, and classical music for the master bathroom.

Smart home gadgets are easy to set up, and they might give you a boost in the way that buyers perceive your property. Best of all, these little upgrades cost far less and require much less time to install than the high-intensity updates that many sellers think of first. You can even integrate them to work together through a smart home hub provided by your internet service provider.

If you’re looking to sell a home or a property, don’t overlook the difference that a simple, smart upgrade can make.


Eric Murrell is a software developer and technology contributor to Xfinity Home. He enjoys sharing tips on how people can benefit from incorporating smart home automation and security in their homes on his blog, At Home in the Future.   





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