How to Best Prepare for a Virtual Open House

Take a virtual open house tour of eight properties in Waynesville this Sunday.

Are you trying to sell your home this season? 

Exposing listings to the widest possible audience is an essential strategy for home sellers. The higher a home’s exposure, the greater the interest. More interest often leads to a higher sales price and a quicker sale. So, in times when in-person tours of your home are more difficult, and public showings are not allowed, how do you showcase your listing to the widest number of people? 

The real estate market is quickly adjusting to a world of fewer in-person interactions and property showings. We’re here to help you adjust your listing just as quickly! Video showings and 3D home tours serve as great digital substitutes for in-person walkthroughs. But there’s one strategy that works even better for creating buyer engagement with your home: a virtual open house.

Here’s everything you need to know about virtual open houses and how to prepare for them.

What is a virtual open house?

Virtual open houses are short online events prospective buyers attend from the comfort of their own homes. At a virtual open house, your agent will introduce buyers to the finest features your home has to offer. In the case of Beverly-Hanks virtual open houses, the events are held on Facebook Live and promoted in advance across various digital channels. Your listing agent acts as host, giving a tour of the property, then answers live questions that have come in from online attendees. 

If you would typically use traditional open house events to promote your home for sale, we recommend leveraging these remote events during times of social distancing. They are also great when you want to reach people who may not be close enough to your home to attend in person. 

Why is Beverly-Hanks moving toward virtual open houses?

Beverly-Hanks agents are never ones to sit back and wait for the markets to improve. Our agents are known for their ingenuity, perseverance, and willingness to do what it takes to serve their clients well. And now is still a good time to sell your home. That’s why Beverly-Hanks has moved to fully digital showings: to better protect our clients, agents, and community. 

From the safety of their phone or computer, our agents will be introducing home buyers to a few of the finest properties that Western North Carolina has to offer and answering questions, just as if buyers were touring the property in person. After the live event, additional live streams or videos will be available from our agents’ Facebook pages.

How do you prepare for a virtual open house?

We recommend preparing your home for a virtual open house in many of the same ways you would for an in-person showing. After all, your agent will be walking through the key rooms of your home on a live video stream. Here are the three key steps to preparing for a virtual open house.

STEP 1: Clean your home top to bottom.

For your virtual open house, it’s important not only to clean like you would for an in-person open house, but to completely declutter. Clear tables and countertops of personal materials—everything from your reading glasses to your kitchen sponge. Put away children’s toys and pet items. And store all removed items in cabinets or closets that are out of the line of sight of the camera. 

STEP 2: Set up your home for your agent.

Before your agent arrives, turn on all lights, lamps, and any displays in the home. A well-lit home shows up better on camera and will make your home look more inviting. Open the curtains and all doors to rooms or other areas that will appear on camera. Close all doors to areas that should not appear on camera. In addition to helping your agent, this also helps eliminate any need for the agent to touch light switches, door knobs, and other items in your home.

STEP 3: Make yourself scarce.

Especially in this period of social distancing, it’s better if you leave the home during the virtual open house. The fewer people in the home, the less likely it is that someone will wander into the camera frame and the easier the event will go for your agent. If you have a large house, hang out in a room you know your agent will not feature. Or if the weather is nice, find a park or greenway, and enjoy a little sun.

Are virtual open houses worth your time?

According to industry research, one in two buyers typically visits an open house before buying. And while it has always been uncommon to sell a home at an open house, they provide an excellent opportunity to increase your home’s exposure online and in local newspapers. Especially if your home is remote or you are not comfortable welcoming casual home shoppers to the property, virtual open houses are a great strategy to discuss with your agent.

We’re invested in getting your property sold!

Open houses have long been an excellent way for buyers to begin their home search and for sellers to gain exposure for their listing. But even before COVID-19 made the news, the first place the majority of buyers saw a home was not in person. Now, everyone has moved their home search to their internet-connected devices. 

The better you are able to help buyers see every nook and cranny of your home from those devices, the better your chance of receiving a good offer. If you’re planning to list your home this season, increase your home’s market value with a virtual open house.

Review this Sunday’s virtual open houses at and see how they’re done. If you would like to learn more about how your property can appear in one of our virtual open house events, contact us today.

All real estate is local. In order to make confident real estate decisions, it’s important to have timely and neighborhood-specific information. Contact us today to speak with a Beverly-Hanks real estate agent about selling your Western North Carolina home.

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