4 Ways to Live a Luxury Lifestyle in WNC outside City Limits

Of the many ways to Live Abundantly in Western North Carolina, one way is uniquely woven into our history: the rural lifestyle. The rural lifestyle offers unparalleled opportunities for connecting with nature, stewardship of the land, and living a self-reliant outdoor lifestyle. When you pair that ethos with the luxury lifestyle, what you get is a winning combination that is unique to WNC.

Here are four ways to live a luxury lifestyle in WNC outside the city limits.

Rural Luxury Homes in WNC: 100 Grouse Ridge Road in Waynesville
100 Grouse Ridge Road in Waynesville | MLS# 3680305 | 13.4 Acres | $1,149,000

Live at One with Nature

In WNC, it’s easy to feel like you’re on top of the world or in a world apart! Indeed, our panoramic mountain views have drawn new residents for centuries. The four-season temperate climate makes year-round living easy. And the broad range of elevations and corresponding climates and plant growth make WNC one of the most bio-diverse regions in the United States and the world. 

Homes within even a few minutes of town are replete with 360-degree views that light up in the fall. Residents enjoy hiking, biking, and climbing in nearby mountains. And it’s common to spend the day paddling and fishing on the French Broad River and local lakes.

Rural Luxury Homes in WNC: 164 Flynn Branch Road in Fletcher
64 Flynn Branch Road in Fletcher | MLS# 3547592 | 226.48 Acres | $9,950,000

Live on a Farm

Maintaining small family or commercial farms has been a valued way of living in the Blue Ridge Mountains for hundreds of years. Farm life means room to spread out, create your own way of living, and enjoy a quieter, slower pace. Most of all, it’s an opportunity to nurture the land and reap the fruits of that labor.

There’s plenty of space in the WNC mountains for raising crops, raising gardens, or just raising yourself to the peace and quiet every morning. And land owners are happy to share their property with deer, turkeys, and other local wildlife. It’s where “getting away from it all” doesn’t mean living away from it all.

Rural Luxury Homes in WNC: 13199 Greenville Highway in Flat Rock
3199 Greenville Highway in Flat Rock | MLS# 3434682 | 14.5 Acres | $1,400,000

Live in the Past

Most would agree that when you’re in an historic home, you know it immediately. Yet, no two are quite alike. Whether it’s majestic oak trees leading toward the home, mature landscaping that provides the perfect dose of privacy, or a common history enjoyed by generations, historic estates only improve with age. 

In WNC, it’s just as easy to find an historic home, estate, or farmstead in a rural setting as it is to find an official historic district in town. Historic homes like the one pictured also often come with acreage, featuring mature trees, private ponds, and established trails. They offer you a future grounded in the quality construction and timeless, luxuriant finishings unparalleled in today’s luxury constructions.

Rural Luxury Homes in WNC: 1370 Wilkerson Way in Marion
370 Wilkerson Way in Marion | MLS# 3729214 | 48.42 Acres | $997,500

Live the Equestrian Lifestyle

For a part of the country with dramatic mountain ranges, WNC also has an abundance of land fit for the equestrian lifestyle. In fact, it’s quite possible the Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the best places for equestrian properties! Our temperate climate, abundant natural resources, and proximity to the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) make WNC one of the most desirable places to live with horses in the United States. 

Best of all, most equestrians do not have to start their estate from scratch. Many properties, such as the one above, come with well maintained pasture land and well-equipped barns, riding rings, and everything your horses need for their own luxury lifestyle.

Ready to Find Your Next Rural Luxury Home in WNC?

We describe the rural lifestyle as living outside the city limits on three or more acres of minimally restricted land. Areas around Madison and Yancey Counties offer distant mountain views and nearby fishing and canoeing. Southern Polk County offers more level land, suitable for raising horses in proximity to the internationally renowned TIEC. Areas throughout the region offer space to stretch and grow—sometimes closer to city centers than you would imagine.

Does that sound like the perfect lifestyle for you? Find your next rural luxury home in WNC now!


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