How to Prep Your Home for WFH Life

Here's how to prepare yourself to work from home.

Real estate agents are no strangers to working from home (or in coffee shops, or from the car, or on lounge chairs by the creek). We are still open for business right now, and many of the homes we have listed are open, too—via video and 3D tours.

We have a history of working when and where the occasion calls for it. But we understand that this may be your first time experiencing work from home (WFH) life. So, we wanted to offer you a few tips. Here’s how to prepare yourself to work from home.

Set up Your Workspace

There are many reasons why it’s important to designate a specific workspace in your home, as challenging as that can be. If “working” to you means sitting in a chair at a computer, then putting your feet up in front of the TV may not be the best place for you to be productive. It’s ideal to find a quiet space with natural light and few distractions. What you want is a spot that will help you engage in work during business hours, and disengage at the end of the day. That doesn’t mean that you can’t occasionally work from your back porch or join the kids in the living room. But having a designated workspace will help you… 

Maintain Work/Life Balance

When there’s no more physical barrier between your workspace and your home space, it can become challenging to maintain balance. It’s important to be honest about your capabilities and manage your expectations. What projects are you no longer able to work on from home? How do you need to adjust your hours to manage your new at-home responsibilities? What are the productivity barriers in your home environment, and how can you overcome them? These are not just important questions to discuss with your supervisor. It’s also important for you to understand how best to keep clearly defined work hours and manage your workload during what is becoming an extended WFH season.

Become an IT Expert

JK, you don’t need to become a tech genius to work from home. However, it is important that you understand how to set up your computer, printer, chargers, new applications, and anything else it takes to keep business running. Perhaps the most important element of all? Your internet. Make sure all the applications you need to use are accessible from your home’s wifi. And don’t forget to check on the health of your bandwidth. Suddenly, everyone in your home is working online all afternoon (and definitely not just watching Netflix). Is your bandwidth robust enough for everyone to be online at the same time?

Get Organized

Keeping a healthy and manageable to-do list is a great way to structure your day and hold yourself accountable. Tracking your goals will also help give you clarity and focus so you can dive into work each morning. But as you’re organizing your thoughts and files, don’t forget to look up and around your screen, too. Especially if your home was not built for #WFHlife, take some time to make the most of your space by getting creative with how your office supplies are organized. This post from HGTV offers great ways to repurpose items you already have around the house into essential office supplies. 

Take Care of Your Coworkers

If you’re a parent, you’re not the only one getting used to working from home. The kids in the house are getting used to a new routine and new software, just like you. Make sure you have a plan for both education and entertainment. Stock up on puzzles, educational games, and educational programs your kids can watch once they’re out of “class.” There are a variety of services available free of charge right now. Scholastic is offering these projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. And Minecraft is offering free educational content for kids stuck at home. Locally, we love the activities and lesson plans that Asheville Museum of Science has available.

Get Dressed

Keeping a good WFH work routine also means dressing the part. Unfortunately, that means staying in your jammies all day won’t fly. After all, working from home no longer means working without an audience. Get ready to stay connected to your coworkers through novel applications (like Slack) and video conferencing software (like Zoom). In addition to looking (semi)professional, getting dressed will help you stick to your normal workday routine and be prepared to get things done.

Beverly-Hanks Works BIG from Home

As we mentioned, we’re working from home during lockdown, too. Like you, Beverly-Hanks agents are prepared to cope with this new reality for the time being. Using every tool at our disposal, we are figuring out ways to help buyers become comfortable enough to look at properties, make offers, and eventually move. Our objective is to help you safely and effectively buy or sell you home.

In times of ease and times of crisis, Beverly-Hanks is your trusted real estate partner. Contact a Beverly-Hanks agent today!


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