Invest your resources wisely

Of your important resources, time and energy are the most scarce, yet many real estate companies focus their value proposition on money or "splits." We believe it's our time and energy that generate financial return. Leveraging these precious resources is the path to career fulfillment and financial success.

Real estate agents are expected to wear many hats: marketing specialist, financial counselor, transaction manager, human resource director, and interior designer. The list goes on and on! Our experience has proven that brokers are most effective when they focus their time and energy on providing excellent service to their clients and creating streams of future business.

At Beverly-Hanks & Associates, our entire focus is on assisting agents with building successful, rewarding careers. We believe that approach makes us very different.

"We help agents make wise investments of their time, energy, and money. We provide exactly what they need to maximize the return on all of their resources. We think that approach makes us very different."

—Neal Hanks, Jr., President

Support is the difference

In our 13 real estate offices around the region, we put our entire focus on innovative marketing, ongoing career development, and administrative assistance—so you don't have to. When you spend less time on paperwork, less energy on marketing, and less money on business incidentals, you have the time to focus on your clients and enjoy life.

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Marketing Department

Our award-winning real estate marketing is driven by research, experience, and a healthy dose of creativity. The Marketing Department is dedicated to helping you deploy innovative strategies, focusing your resources on effective activities and timesaving tools, and making it easier for you to stay connected with your future business.

Career Development

More than a passing whim, our entire organization is dedicated to ongoing professional development. Each month, a carefully selected mix of learning environments, topics, and skill development sessions are available—keeping you on top of your game regardless of economic conditions.

Administrative Support

At no additional cost, basic administrative assistance is available to each of our brokers, which includes data entry, preparing contracts, and marketing your properties. Some request additional help by the hour or contract for ongoing specialized assistance. Whether you have occasional needs or business that requires assistance everyday, we're here when and how you need it.

Why choose Beverly-Hanks & Associates

Our current agents can speak to our dedication to supporting you through our employee development programs and superior industry resources. If you still need some convincing, watch these videos to learn more about why Beverly-Hanks & Associates is the right real estate firm for you.