Chimney Laurel on Elk Mountain

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Resting High Atop Cool, Green Elk Mountain

Tucked into the cool deep forests of Western North Carolina close to Asheville, six moss-covered chimneys rise from the earth as natural as any other element. They are all that remain of cottages built there in the 1930s; quarters created for affluent friends of Author Thomas Wolfe’s family. Discover what those friends loved about this land…refreshing mountain breezes, stunning long range views, fire-red and purple sunsets, clear spring waters, and lush mountain flora.

These chimneys will soon welcome homes again. Introducing Chimney Laurel on Elk Mountain, a gated residential community with 26 home sites. This is Asheville real estate redefined; a residential community built with respect for the land and its history.

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Chimney Laurel rests high atop cool, green Elk Mountain. At 3,600 feet elevation, this residential real estate community descends into the valley below with an undisturbed view of the area north of Asheville. A mountain view featuring the spectacular massif of the Blue Ridge Mountains adds a special touch to Chimney Laurel.

Community Amenities

  • Community Open Space
  • Guard/Gated Security
  • Mountain Biking/Cycling
  • Walking/Hiking Trails
  • Long Distance Views

Nearby Activities

  • Running
  • Walking/Hiking
  • Mountain Biking/Cycling
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Art/Culture


Hospital < 10 miles
Airport < 20 miles
Food/Dining < 10 miles
Gas/Grocery < 10 miles
Interstate < 10 miles
Culture/Entertainment < 10 miles

You can create your personal vision of the perfect mountain home using natural materials such as stone, timber, and granite. We can provide a list of professional trade and craft people who will build your home with quality and care. You provide the creative input for the home suited to your character.

The planned common area with picnic tables and a fire pit is a great way to get to know your neighbors. Everywhere you look, trees are plentiful and the owners took great care to preserve as many as possible. This is a community dedicated to preserving the secluded, breathtaking beauty of its surroundings; there is no golf course, pool, or other encroachment here.

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