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At our core is the philosophy that it is our responsibility to ensure consumers are both well informed and prepared to make confident real estate decisions. We embrace that belief and have published our Quarterly Market Report (QMR) since 2005 to help achieve that end. In 2014, we launched our Market Research Center to complement the QMR’s regional focus by providing analysis at the neighborhood level.

The Market Research Center allows you to use the very same data that the North Carolina Mountains MLS makes available to Western North Carolina's professional real estate agents. At first glance, this increase in data and tools may appear overwhelming. We'd suggest starting your research by first focusing on a particular community and then considering each of the real estate market metrics and explanations we provide. Of course, nothing can substitute for hands on, professional experience. If you'd like assistance using the Market Research Center or interpreting our Quarterly Market Report, our Associates are uniquely prepared to guide you. Or, email us and we'll gladly provide assistance.

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To begin using the Market Research Center, create a personalized "My Account". Having a "My Account" allows you to conduct your research more easily by saving searches, setting up alerts, and being able to have full access to the MLS data. Explore the thousands of properties for sale in the greater Asheville, Hendersonville, Waynesville, and Lake Lure regions.

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Market Research Center

Access the same tools our agents use to analyze home prices, marketing time, and consumer preferences neighborhood by neighborhood.

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The scatter diagram plots price (along the horizontal axis) and square footage (along the vertical axis), the pattern of the resulting points reveals any correlation present between the price and the size of the home. When enough correctly selected closed sales are present a linear regression can be calculated providing insight for properly pricing a property. This graph is only useful when similar properties are considered. For assistance identifying similar properties and determining if a correlation does exist, please contact your agent or customer service.

This line graph monitors the average amount of time it takes to market and close on a property. This is useful for monitoring whether a market is accelerating or decelerating. Since it is calculated from closed properties it is useful as a trailing indicator. For assistance predicting the future direction of the market based on active properties, please contact your agent or customer service.

In neighborhoods where properties closely resemble one another, tracking price per square foot over time can provide some basic pricing insight. It’s important to only use this graph in neighborhoods with properties of similar age, condition, and size. For help determining if price per square foot is appropriate, please contact your agent or customer service for more assistance.

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This pie chart considers the distribution of sales across all of the price brackets during a specific time period and area. The chart is useful for quickly analyzing which price categories are most commonly sold and when multiple pie charts are considered for spotting consumer preferences across different geographies.

Information throughout these charts are represented as reported by the North Carolina Multiple Listing Service, which does not guarantee or is in any way responsible for its accuracy. Data maintained by the MLS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.

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There are many ways to compare and research real estate. At, we want to take your experience beyond only searching and increase your confidence when making real estate decisions. Our focus remains the same: provide a powerful search tool that grants access to Western North Carolina's Real Estate inventory. Of course, nothing can replace hands-on, professional experience. If you'd like assistance using any of these tools, our Associates are uniquely prepared.

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Once you are logged into your Beverly-Hanks My Account, you will gain access to tools that have been built with you in mind. We hope you will find this resource beneficial in your next real estate transaction. We will always offer personal guidance, but feel free to look around. Anytime you see the research center simply click on it and you will be presented with information to assist your decision making. Find your Property How to research properties ^ Top

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To research one of our many communities, simply visit our Communities section and click on the community you would like to research. We start with a glance of the community, a quick overview of what the community has to offier. Our community profiles are filled with information about the community history, amenities, and lifestyle. As with properties, you will notice the research center simply click on it to further research your community.

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