Mortgage Services

2 Town Square Blvd. Suite 220 Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 209-0910
Image of Amy Hanks

Amy Hanks Executive VP of Sales (828) 775-9179

Image of Julie Chitea

Julie Chitea Waynesville - Loan Officer (828) 506-9449 Apply

Image of Eric Clonch

Eric Clonch South Asheville - Loan Officer (828) 713-7763 Apply

Image of Matt Gaglione

Matt Gaglione North Asheville/Downtown-Loan Officer (828) 551-1784 Apply

Image of Karolyn Killian

Karolyn Killian Hendersonville/Brevard Loan Officer (850) 582-6426 Apply

Image of Paula L. Wagner

Paula L. Wagner Hendersonville- Loan Officer (828) 777-8589 Apply

Loan Staff

Image of Tim Brown

Tim Brown Mortgage Loan Processor (828) 742-3101

Image of Mike Coleman

Mike Coleman Loan Officer Assistant (828) 210-2909

Image of Amy Congdon

Amy Congdon VP of Strategic Engagement (828) 209-0904

Image of Christine Dudas-Norton

Christine Dudas-Norton Mortgage Loan Closer (828) 209-0920

Image of Stacy Ford

Stacy Ford Disclosure Desk (828) 209-0914

Image of Nicole Gentry

Nicole Gentry Loan Processor (828) 209-1353

Image of Brenda Gillespie

Brenda Gillespie Mortgage Operations Specialist (828) 209-0915

Image of Monica Hester

Monica Hester Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant (828) 681-2064

Image of Malissa Johnstone

Malissa Johnstone Mortgage Loan Processor (828) 209-0916

Image of Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall Mortgage Loan Post Closer (828) 209-0918

Image of Linda McGarry

Linda McGarry Loan Officer Assistant (828) 233-7901

Image of Lisha Shular

Lisha Shular Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant (828) 564-2061

Image of Tonya Taylor

Tonya Taylor Mortgage Loan Processor (828) 301-3189