Image of Neal Hanks

Neal Hanks Neal Hanks

Image of Kim Burleson

Kim Burleson Kim Burleson
Director of Operations

Image of Holly Dahl

Holly Dahl Holly Dahl
Director of Career Development

Image of Amy Hanks

Amy Hanks Amy Hanks
Executive VP of Sales
(828) 775-9179

Image of Amy Ingram

Amy Ingram Amy Ingram
Director of Relocation & Business Development

Image of Dodie Stephens

Dodie Stephens Dodie Stephens
Vice President-Marketing

Image of Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams Debbie Williams
Executive Vice President
(828) 210-2941

Managing Brokers

Image of Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes Steve Barnes
Vice President-Managing Broker

Downtown Asheville

Image of Brian Cagle

Brian Cagle Brian Cagle
Vice President-Managing Broker
(828) 564-2220

Image of Sonny Iler

Sonny Iler Sonny Iler
Vice President, Managing Broker
(828) 329-9777

Image of Elaine Ingle

Elaine Ingle Elaine Ingle
Vice President-Managing Broker
(828) 779-9586
North Asheville

Image of Katherine Kaderabek

Katherine Kaderabek Katherine Kaderabek
Vice President-Managing Broker
(828) 684-8999
Biltmore Park

Image of Jeremy Owen

Jeremy Owen Jeremy Owen
Vice President-Managing Broker
(828) 507-1485
Brevard, Downtown

Support Staff

Image of Joyce Adams

Joyce Adams Joyce Adams
Agent Services
(828) 674-4769

Image of Sandra Alguire

Sandra Alguire Sandra Alguire
Luxury Marketing Specialist
(847) 644-2405

Image of Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen Brittany Allen
Agent Services

Image of Stephanie Allison

Stephanie Allison Stephanie Allison
Agent Services/Administrative Assistant

Image of Katie Arce

Katie Arce Katie Arce

Image of Heidi Ashley

Heidi Ashley Heidi Ashley

Image of Josh Baker

Josh Baker Josh Baker
Creative Services Manager
(803) 261-5969

Image of Charlotte Barry

Charlotte Barry Charlotte Barry

Image of Starla Basinger

Starla Basinger Starla Basinger

Image of Emily Boone

Emily Boone Emily Boone

Image of Anne Louise Bouchard

Anne Louise Bouchard Anne Louise Bouchard
Marketing Services Manager

Image of Rachel Broadbent

Rachel Broadbent Rachel Broadbent
Marketing & Business Development Manager Walnut Cove Reality
(828) 384-0004

Image of Melora Bush

Melora Bush Melora Bush
(803) 403-3888

Image of Stephanie Buss

Stephanie Buss Stephanie Buss
Marketing Services Representative

Image of Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson Amy Carlson
Marketing Operations Coordinator

Image of Kat Carmical

Kat Carmical Kat Carmical
Agent Services
(843) 513-2281

Image of Juliet Clawson

Juliet Clawson Juliet Clawson

Image of Andy Clifton

Andy Clifton Andy Clifton
Graphic Designer

Image of Holly Cope

Holly Cope Holly Cope
Agent Services Broker Associate
(828) 337-3508

Image of Elin Cope

Elin Cope Elin Cope
Agent Services
(828) 553-0001

Image of Lisa Crumpler

Lisa Crumpler Lisa Crumpler
Agent Services

Image of Hunter Denlinger

Hunter Denlinger Hunter Denlinger
Marketing Services Representative
(828) 577-2368

Image of Trish Doerseln

Trish Doerseln Trish Doerseln

Image of Patricia Donnelly

Patricia Donnelly Patricia Donnelly
Relocation Outgoing Referral Specialist

Image of Rebecca  Dougherty

Rebecca Dougherty Rebecca Dougherty
(828) 747-7857

Image of Vickie Dover

Vickie Dover Vickie Dover

Image of Connie Edson

Connie Edson Connie Edson
Incoming Referral Coordinator

Image of Caroline Englander

Caroline Englander Caroline Englander
(828) 681-2062

Image of Michelle Ford

Michelle Ford Michelle Ford
Director of Operations Walnut Cove Realty

Image of Meghan Gaglione

Meghan Gaglione Meghan Gaglione

Image of Sarah Giavedoni

Sarah Giavedoni Sarah Giavedoni
Content Marketing Specialist

Image of Laura Griffin

Laura Griffin Laura Griffin
Client Care Coordinator
(301) 775-0537

Image of Stan Henry

Stan Henry Stan Henry

Image of Richard Hoffart

Richard Hoffart Richard Hoffart
Internet Lead Coordinator

Image of Ally Howell

Ally Howell Ally Howell
(941) 224-6378

Image of Anne Jett

Anne Jett Anne Jett
Marketing Service Representative

Image of Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones Danielle Jones
Agent Services

Image of Coty Jude

Coty Jude Coty Jude
Agent Services

Image of Hayley Keys

Hayley Keys Hayley Keys
Agent Services

Image of Julie Lowman

Julie Lowman Julie Lowman
Agent Services
(828) 231-4459

Image of Gwen Lyons

Gwen Lyons Gwen Lyons

Image of Kathy Marion

Kathy Marion Kathy Marion
Agent Services

Image of Pam Marion

Pam Marion Pam Marion
Agent Services

Image of Kelly McDill

Kelly McDill Kelly McDill

Image of Tiffany Messer

Tiffany Messer Tiffany Messer
Agent Services
(828) 508-4701

Image of Holly Miller

Holly Miller Holly Miller
Agent Services

Image of Donna Moore

Donna Moore Donna Moore

Image of Aixa Moore

Aixa Moore Aixa Moore

Image of Morgan Piner

Morgan Piner Morgan Piner

Image of Brooke Rathbone

Brooke Rathbone Brooke Rathbone
REALTOR - Agent Services Representative
(828) 400-5061

Image of Melanie Rogers

Melanie Rogers Melanie Rogers
Agent Services
(828) 279-5917

Image of Carol Saunders

Carol Saunders Carol Saunders

Image of Stephanie Shipman

Stephanie Shipman Stephanie Shipman
Executive Assistant

Image of Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith Bryan Smith
Agent Services

Image of Lauren Olivia  Thurmond

Lauren Olivia Thurmond Lauren Olivia Thurmond
(828) 412-1612

Image of Lisa Tricoli

Lisa Tricoli Lisa Tricoli

Image of Hope Turner

Hope Turner Hope Turner
Agent Services

Image of Luci Van Hoy

Luci Van Hoy Luci Van Hoy
Office Administrator

Image of Allie Word

Allie Word Allie Word
Front Desk Coordinator

Image of Rachel Young

Rachel Young Rachel Young
Graphic Designer