Neal Hanks, Sr. Memorial Fund

As a mechanism for our company to assist non-profit organizations and charitable causes within our communities, Beverly-Hanks & Associates has established the "Neal Hanks, Sr. Memorial Fund". One hundred percent of the contributions to this fund are allocated to programs within our communities. Allocations are determined by a board of directors made up of Beverly-Hanks & Associates agents and management team members.

One of the sources of contributions to the fund is the administration fees which our firm is paid by home warranty companies for originating warranty sales. We contribute 100% of those fees to the Neal Hanks, Sr. Memorial Fund.

Additional revenue sources include fundraising events and individual and corporate contributions. The Neal Hanks, Sr. Memorial Fund is one of the ways in which our organization endeavors to be a good corporate citizen and to give back to the communities which have been so good to us over the years.