Successful sales and marketing efforts require a blend of traditional print, digital, and direct mail campaigns. Using multiple mediums is essential to appeal to each of the four generations active in today's real estate market. Beverly-Hanks' coordinated marketing approach means more buyers discover your home on their terms.

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Web Traffic Generates Results

According to the National Association of Realtors (Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers for 2016), nine in ten home buyers used the internet to search for homes and 44% of home buyers first discovered the home they ultimately purchased on the internet.

More people visit than any other real estate website in the region. Driving buyers to our site through as many channels as possible leads to the best exposure for your home.

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There's More to Our Website than Pretty Pictures

Here's the inside scoop on how easy it is for buyers to use to find your home.

Custom Property Detail Pages

Capture the attention of potential buyers with attractive photos, engage them with videos describing life in your community, and encourage them to learn more by linking to other websites. At, you and your agent can enhance your property's detail page so it tells the whole story.

Generate Better Qualified Prospects

Using the latest 3D imaging technology, our 3D Tour* feature allows buyers to experience your property as if they are actually there. Because buyers become more familiar with your home before visiting, this 3D experience reduces the inconvenience to you caused by unnecessary showings.

*Available for homes priced $1 million and up, with some exceptions.

Market Research Center

Confident buyers make decisions, and the best way to help a buyer become confident is to make sure their questions are answered. Our Market Research Center helps consumers understand trends affecting the neighborhood they're considering. This knowledge moves them from casual interest to inquiring about your home.

Community Information

To really understand everything about a home, you need to understand its community. Working with our agents, we developed more than 100 community profiles that help consumers find the one that best matches their lifestyle. With so many ways to live in WNC, we've made it easier than ever for buyers to find the right fit. on the Go

With more than 89% of new home shoppers using a mobile device during their home shopping, it's essential we provide the tools they need while they're on the go. The mobile version of our website gives them the ability to find properties closest to them. It also shares photos, prices, and serves up detailed maps.

Customer Service

Building an incredible website is just the beginning of our online strategy. After attracting buyers to view your home, we need to develop relationships in order to sell your home. Each month, more than 150 unique inquiries begin with our customer service operators, forming the basis for future business.

Lifestyle Video Promotion

88% of Americans value lifestyle over home size. Our exclusive lifestyle videos enable buyers from all over the world to visually stroll through various lifestyle possibilities in our region. Our series of videos helps buyers discover how they can Live the Life You Choose in WNC.

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Making Connections Happen

Real Estate Brokerage is about Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Good real estate agents look for opportunities to make connections happen. Our 250+ Associates have recorded more than 50,000 contacts in our communication platform. These contacts comprise a diverse population from all walks of life.

Each day, real estate agents are asked: "How's the market?" Let's get them talking about your property.

Cooperation Pays Dividends for Our Sellers

Last year, more than 660 properties were sold by our agents cooperating with another Beverly-Hanks agent. Our regular sales meetings and shared workspace create daily formal and impromptu opportunities for agents to make connections with one another.

Using Comprehensive Marketing for Success

Beverly-Hanks reaches buyers with attractive and informative direct mail, digital marketing, and on-site materials. Professionally produced materials provide local exposure for your property to the most likely buyers.

In addition to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Beverly-Hanks reaches out to agents at other real estate companies with our email marketing. A cooperating real estate agent just might have a buyer looking at your home.

REQUEST A BEVERLY-HANKS SELLER'S GUIDE to see how our agents utilize:

  • Print advertising in local publications.
  • Special strategies for luxury property advertising.
  • Professional photography to create powerful first impressions.