You'll never have a second chance for a first impression.

There are fewer statements more true than this one in real estate. Buyers who visit your home have shopped, compared, and will buy based on value.

Our Associates combine their experience and data from our Market Research Center to help you properly price your home. Whether your property is being shown and you're not receiving offers, or your property is overpriced and being eliminated online, overpricing results in frustration. Avoid roadblocks by understanding how the market establishes value.

Understanding the "30s" of Pricing

Why +10 Equals -70

Statistically speaking, even pricing at market value doesn’t guarantee exposure to 100% of home buyers. Overprice by even 10%, and only 30% of house hunters will consider your home at all before eliminating it online.

Showing Activity vs. Timing

Your first 30 days on the market are critical for maximizing the number of your home showings. In order to capture your best buyers, make sure your home is ready for viewing as soon as it hits the market. Your Beverly-Hanks agent helps prepare your home for showing from Day 1.

Sale Price vs. Initial Listing Prices

Every 30 days your property spends on the market, you’re walking away with less money at the closing table. Concentrate on your marketing efforts as soon as your home is listed to avoid this dilemma. At Beverly-Hanks, we help set you up for success from the start.

Pricing through a Buyer's Eyes

The Market Determines Your Home's Value

Factors that contribute to value include location, size, style, and condition. Each component incrementally adds up to the price a buyer is willing to offer. At Beverly-Hanks, we help you identify the components of value and determine how to best configure each to obtain the highest possible market price.

components of home value

Study Your Competition

By using our "Compare" tool, you can study the competition in your neighborhood and see how other properties compare to yours. All of the details for both listed and sold properties are included, so you can properly position your home against similar properties.

For as long as your home is on the market, we'll provide timely updates so you stay abreast of changes in market conditions. If necessary, we'll recommend refinements to your position to account for recent sales and new competition.

Get Started Now

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