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At Howard Hanna Mortgage Services, we strive to make financing real estate easy and enjoyable. We are staffed with local financing professionals dedicated to prompt, personal service.

We offer a broad menu of financing options, very competitive rates, and customer service that is second to none. Check out these reasons that we stand above the rest:


Locally Operated

At Howard Hanna Mortgage Services, we’ve always prided ourselves on offering competitive interest rates and fees and exceptional service.

A 2015 update to the mortgage laws made it easier for home buyers to compare our rates with those of the big banks on Wall Street. Now you can skip trying to talk to an operator at a call center without worrying you're paying more for personal service.

Wouldn't you rather have personal attention when making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life?

As your local lender, we’ll beat the big banks by explaining all the details. We'll work directly with your real estate agent to ensure an efficient loan process. And we'll be personally available to ensure you can make confident real estate decisions.

Full Service

If another lender hasn’t outsourced your loan application acceptance, chances are they've outsourced your loan processing and underwriting.

At Howard Hanna Mortgage Services, we believe local is always better. We have provided quality mortgage products since 1983 and earned our place as one of the area's largest independent mortgage bankers through customer accommodation with more than 300 neighborhood offices throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Michigan. Howard Hanna has been recognized repeatedly for its ability to provide goal-oriented products to each and every borrower.

Our teams know our communities, chances are they know your employer, and they for sure know that not all properties are created equal in the mountains.

Since all loans are processed under our supervision, our team of professionals is always available to answer your questions and ensure the service level you deserve. Local loan processing and underwriting mean a more convenient and efficient loan process. When delays cost you real money, working with locals can make a real difference.

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Our Team

Skilled, Knowledgeable, and Customer-Focused Loan Counselors

Our experienced staff is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Working together as a team with your real estate agent, we make the process of financing your home as hassle free as possible.

Mortgage Services Associates

Image of Amy Hanks

Amy Hanks Amy Hanks
Executive VP of Sales
(828) 775-9179

Image of Julie Chitea

Julie Chitea Julie Chitea
Waynesville - Loan Officer
(828) 506-9449

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Image of Eric Clonch

Eric Clonch Eric Clonch
South Asheville - Loan Officer
(828) 713-7763

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Image of Matt Gaglione

Matt Gaglione Matt Gaglione
North Asheville/Downtown-Loan Officer
(828) 551-1784

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Image of Karolyn Killian

Karolyn Killian Karolyn Killian
Hendersonville/Brevard Loan Officer
(850) 582-6426

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Image of Paula L. Wagner

Paula L. Wagner Paula L. Wagner
Hendersonville- Loan Officer
(828) 777-8589

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Loan Staff

Image of Tim Brown

Tim Brown Tim Brown
Mortgage Loan Processor
(828) 742-3101

Image of Mike Coleman

Mike Coleman Mike Coleman
Loan Officer Assistant
(828) 210-2909

Image of Amy Congdon

Amy Congdon Amy Congdon
VP of Strategic Engagement
(828) 209-0904

Image of Christine Dudas-Norton

Christine Dudas-Norton Christine Dudas-Norton
Mortgage Loan Closer
(828) 209-0920

Image of Stacy Ford

Stacy Ford Stacy Ford
Disclosure Desk
(828) 209-0914

Image of Nicole Gentry

Nicole Gentry Nicole Gentry
Loan Processor
(828) 209-1353

Image of Brenda Gillespie

Brenda Gillespie Brenda Gillespie
Mortgage Operations Specialist
(828) 209-0915

Image of Monica Hester

Monica Hester Monica Hester
Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant
(828) 681-2064

Image of Malissa Johnstone

Malissa Johnstone Malissa Johnstone
Mortgage Loan Processor
(828) 209-0916

Image of Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall Jill Marshall
Mortgage Loan Post Closer
(828) 209-0918

Image of Linda McGarry

Linda McGarry Linda McGarry
Loan Officer Assistant
(828) 233-7901

Image of Lisha Shular

Lisha Shular Lisha Shular
Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant
(828) 564-2061

Image of Tonya Taylor

Tonya Taylor Tonya Taylor
Mortgage Loan Processor
(828) 301-3189