Use the following calculators to find out what you'll pay, how much you can afford, and what income requirements are needed for the home you want to purchase.

Payment Calculator

Purchase Price: $
Down Payment: $
Interest Rate: %
Amortization Period: years
Monthly payment including interest: $
Estimated Monthly Payment: $

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Qualifying Income

Annual Salary: $
Other Annual Income: $
Annual Property Tax: $
Annual Home Insurance: $
Monthly Debt Payments: $
Loan Criteria
Combined Annual Gross Income:
Wages Per Month:
Total Debt:
PITI using 36% RATE A:
PITI using 28% RATE B:
Monthly Payment Cap (RATE A):
Monthly Payment Cap (RATE B):

The 36% income is based on the PITI (mortgage principal plus interest amount plus your monthly property tax and home insurance), PLUS any other debt payments you must pay every month.

The 28% income is based on PITI (Principal + Interest + Tax + Insurance) or more specifically, the mortgage principal plus interest amount plus your monthly property tax and home insurance the lender typically holds in an escrow account for you.

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How much can I afford?

Down Payment: $
Total Monthly Payment: $
Length of Loan (years):
Interest Rate (%): %
Property tax rate (1% = $1000/yr for 100K house): %
Home Owners Insurance: $
Mortgage Insurance Premium (generally between $1000 and $5000 per year): $

By making a down payment of $ and paying $ per month, you will able to afford a home that costs $ . You will need to qualify for a loan of $.

Summary of Your Monthly Payment
Principal and Interest:
Taxes and Insurance:
Mortgage Insurance:

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